Beauty of Worshipping One God

O Human Beings! Worship your Sustainer (Quran, 2:21)

Extol, then, God’s limitless glory when you enter upon the evening hours, and when you rise at morn. (Quran, 30:17)

O my rebellious ego! Yes, there appears to be some burden in worship. Yet, there is an ease and lightness in its meaning that defies description. For, in the five times prescribed prayers the worshipper is to declare, “I bear witness that there is no god but God.” This statement means: “There is no Creator and Provider other than Him. Harm and benefit are all in His hand. He is All-Wise [ḥakīm]; He does nothing in vain, and He is All-Compassionate [rahīm]; His bounty and mercy are abundant.” Through believing and declaring this truth, the worshipper can discover the treasures of abundant divine mercy present in everything. And, he asks to receive divine mercy through supplication [dua’] .

Moreover, in prayer the conscious worshipper sees that everything is subjugated to the command of his own Sustainer. And, he takes refuge in God. He places his trust in God and relies on God, and is fortified against every disaster; his belief gives him complete confidence…

Like that of the Hereafter, happiness in this world too lies in worship and being an‘abd for Almighty God. Alhamdulillah, All praise be to God, for the gift of belief and surrender…

~Excerpted and adapted from Said Nursi by Team

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