Constant Creation

The Glory of God can be seen through many ways however the commonly overlooked is the simple act of creating. Constant creation done by our Lord is a mercy and blessing in itself! Dr Colin Turner, author of Islam the Basics, describes this:

“Clouds are endlessly fascinating, appearing often as if from nowhere, bubbling up into amazing forms and shapes, and then disappearing as quickly as they came. One of God’s names is ‘Munshi al-Sahab’ – He Who brings together, and separates, clouds – which in turn symbolise motion, flux and continuous creation. Motion and flux are everywhere in creation, even in the hardness of the mountain, which often seems impervious to change. But the Quran says that if you look at the mountain, you may believe it to be hard and tough. However, if you were able to see it as it really is, you would find that the mountain is in constant motion and endless flux. In fact, the Quran says that if you were to look closely, you would see that the mountains are moving ‘as though they were clouds’…(27:88). Amazing to think that these creatures are everyday fixtures in our skies, yet we hardly ever stop to look at them and marvel at their creation, 
and their significance.”

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