Do you want to pray? Jawshan

Try: JAWSHAN AL-KABIR • This supplication is considered to have one of the highest degrees of gnosis and description of God. • The one who takes a glance at the meaning of even a section of the Jawshan al-Kabir from among ninety-nine will conclude that there is no form of supplicatory prayer like the Jawshan. • Jawshan al-Kabir means ‘Big Shield’. • Jawshan contains 1001 Names/Attributes of God. When reciting the Names, one can feel/contemplate how these Names are acting in his/her life. • By asking from each and every Name and reflecting on them, one can grow closer to God. • Jawshan is a sincere supplication to God. • You can contemplate on fire by thinking of the fire of separation from God. Click to recite from Jawhan al-Kabeer

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