If you want to feel gratitude, look again at yourself!

It is very interesting to see the following verse 31 times in the compassionate chapter of The Quran:

So which of the favors of your Sustainer do you deny?

And between these verses, pictures are brought to us of creation. “So, look at that picture, look at that creation…”

So which of the favors of your Sustainer do you deny?

Basically, the Quranic methodology is to choose to recognize that that thing bears the meaning of another, a compassionate one, who is giving it to you. And when I realize this than I realize that this verse is actually asking me to realize the Compassionate through all I see in creation. So, If I want to feel the love and the compassion of my sustainer, then I need to recognize His gifts. If I don’t see his gifts around me, surrounding me, then my thanking will just be lip-service, right? Because, I don’t feel it, I don’t see it.

Let’s look at ourselves, our properties. Whatever we have, we own. But, do we really own it? Is it because of us, our money, or is it all given to us? Everything is given to me. Not only my property, but all of my abilities. I can think, I can see, I can feel… They’re all given to me! My life even! Whatever I have is all given. The more I recognize that it is given, the more I have this feeling of gratitude, of love, towards The One who is giving it to me.

I recognize that whatever I have, I cannot be the creator of it, right? When we think of it that way, we realize that. I cannot be the creator of my hand, which I am still very surprised how I am able to move it. We are able to think, but how? Where is that coming from? These abilities… Everything, basically, whatever we have… When we recognize that the more we realize the real giver of everything that I claim to be mine, the more I feel gratitude towards the divine.

When I say: This is mine! This is my right! Because, there is nobody who gave it to me, then I don’t see the giver there… I don’t see the compassionate there, because I say that this thing is my right. The more I realize that, the more I realize that what I claim to be mine, is actually in fact, not mine, but given to me by some one…  For my pleasure!!! so that I can utilize it. But, it is still given… Somebody is preparing it for me.

Like your friend says to you: I know you are in need, I will give you my car, just use it for this week. So, you use the car for one week (you don‘t even thank him for his car), then your friend comes to you and says: I want my car back. and you say: What are you talking about? What car? This is my car!

. . .   Sorry?!  Excuse me? says your friend.

Aren’t we doing the same thing?

This is the same thing, we are given so many things! But, if we don’t recognize who is giving it, then it is as if we are using something that isn’t ours, but we claim is ours.

When we give back everything we have, we come to the point where nothing is left of us; because, whatever I have, is given. Therefore, the feeling of gratitude is related to recognizing that whatever I have, I don’t own it…

And where does this stop? It stops when I have nothing left. Until I recognize that everything that I have is a gift from my Sustainer.

Then? You live with gratitude every moment you’re given!

Peace & Blessings,


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