A Huge obstacle to Divine Presence: despair

If you want to feel the Divine Presence, and you think that you are not doing enough to reach to your goal, you might feel disheartened.That’s normal, but what can we do with this feeling? There are two possibilities, and we are to make the choice…

First, you might start to doubt such a possibility to feel closer to the Divine, looking for any small argument you might find around. For instance, you hear a friend belittling it, and you feel strength to do the same. Or you might just say that this is a difficult age, and this is not possible anymore; friends of God like lived in the old days; it was possible, then!

Once you confirm your illusion through any of these arguments, without even questioning the truth in them, you come to the conclusion: it is impossible to experience Divine Presence! We’re basically doomed! This is the heart of despair, since you have just shut all the doors for such a possibility. Despair means I am by myself, and no one can help me out

The ageless solution to despair

But we can make another choice. Let’s give a sincere and attentive ear to the following Quranic verse:

SAY: “[Thus speaks God:] ‘O you servants of Mine who have transgressed against your own selves! Despair not of God’s mercy: behold, God forgives all sins – for, verily, He alone is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace!’” (Quran 39:53)

By falling into despair through our choice to follow our illusions, we have only wronged ourselves! What’s the way out though? Even if you really think you are not doing enough, what should you do?

Do we have the ability to create the result, which was feeling closer to the Divine? Do we have the ability to transform our life by ourselves? We don’t even have the power to change a runny gloomy day, and force the sun to come out. How can we bring the Divine Light to our lives by ourselves?

Feel your weakness (yes, weakness) and helplessness to reach your goal. Feel it deeply… Now, cry to the Loving Compassionate with your weakness as your envoy to His All-encompassing mercy… Let your helplessness be quenched with His Love…

Isn’t repentance turning from our illusions to the Real Loving Presence? Isn’t it to turn from transgressing our selves to recognizing our need, like a baby, to the Loving Divine Grace?

The baby knows and experience her loving mother when she throw herself with her neediness to her… The same way, we can experience the Loving Compassionate, the Source of the Love all the mothers,  only if we feel our neediness to Him. When we surrender and throw our selves like a baby to Him, we find the one who dispenses of grace…

Recognizing our helplessness and rushing to the Loving womb of the Compassionate prevents us from falling into despair. When we feel our weaknesses, inabilities, and mistakes, instead of feeling dispair, we can now rush to the one who helps the helpless.

Isn’t Divine Presence what we were looking for? Here it is.. Hidden in our weakness, hidden in our tears…

Rumi explains this reality beautifully in his Mathnawi:

If you don’t have wings to fly to the Ka’ba of Grace,

Show your powerlessness and helplessness to the Reliever.

Cries and groans are a powerful means,

And they are filled with the All-Merciful, Compassionate Nurse.

The nurse and the mother keep waiting their child’s crying to feed.

In you too has God created infant needs;

So that milk is brought to them, when they cry out;

God said, “Call on me;”

Keep on crying and groaning,

So that the milk of Love and Compassion may overflow!

Let us all call out: “O my Sustainer, I am powerless and helpless! And you are the Powerful Compassionate! Help me, hold my hands and heart, I am in dire need of you!”

I wonder how much we all fall into this obstacle. Please share your thoughts in a comment.

With Love & Peace,


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