DAY 6: You are walking on the sacred valley of Tuwa

You are fasting. Just like Moses “you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa.” (Sura 20/TaHa: 12). You have heard the voice calling: “I am your Lord” (TaHa, 12) and surrendered to your Lord. You don’t object to Him leaving you hungry and thirsty. You adjust yourself to your Lord’s wish.

You have heard the voice saying “take off your sandals.”(TaHa, 12). You obeyed. You took off food and drink from your calendar. You are now hungry and thirsty. The things of the world walked away from you. Your aids are gone. Your feet are naked; you are walking in vulnerability and neediness. You can do nothing; you are utterly weak. You have nothing in your hand; you are poor. You have taken off your sandals. You don’t trust your power any more. You don’t take refuge in your wealth.

Your life has been turned upside down. You have given up your habits. You are now a field worthy of being sown. You are given discomfort; you are being ploughed. It must be that your Owner is hopeful of your harvest—that is why God is ploughing the field of your body. He is transforming you. He is shifting you around. He is changing your satiety into hunger. Your Lord made you feel lack, when you knew yourself self-sufficient. If there was no hope in you, if God had no hope in you, God would have left you as you were. Because He has hope from you, He will not leave you to yourself…

Now, hear the wonderful news: “I have chosen you!” (TaHa,13) That is, your Lord is saying to you ‘I have chosen you, to be the one who runs through the veins of fasting. I have chosen you, so that you will be the one whose hunger I purchase as a precious gift. I have chosen you, so that you will be the one whom I am pleased with as response to your being pleased with Me. I have chosen you, so that you will be the one who will recognize her neediness and poverty and come to the court of My mercy. I have chosen you, to take up a place like the place of the good and handsome ones who’ve fasted before you. I have chosen you so that you will be relived from the worries of the flesh to find sustenance (rizq) for your intellect. I have chosen you so that you will be the addressee of the Word I have revealed as a nourishment for the pure intellects….’

Now, “listen, then, to what is being revealed [unto you]” (Taha, 13). Give up your familiar meals, come sit at the feast of the Word of God. And, when you sit in your familiar dinner table, sit with the permission of the Giver of the Word. Enjoy the words of your Lord, the Quran, warm and fresh, as your tongue enjoys food and drink…

By Senai Demirci

(translated by Isra Yazicioglu)

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