God’s Tweet

When someone does or says something to you, try to remember: the actual do’er is the Creator… He is sending you a message through a person (who is merely a vehicle). The message would have come to you in any case through an email, a phone call, a fax, or a tweet! If it were not for that person, God would have sent you that message through other means. So focus on the message. What is God telling me now? What does He want me to understand/learn? How does he want me to grow… Imagine, if we did this, there would be no heartbreak, no anger… ever!

1 thought on “God’s Tweet”

  1. This made me smile. I will remember it the next time I talk with an annoying person. What can I learn from this person? “I prayed for patience and God sent me an annoying person.” Thanks for the reminder! hugs, pat

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