How to have a fight-free marriage

When you are mad at your spouse because s/he did something (x), try the following:

1. Wait till you two are alone
2. Say “bismillah”
3. Smile
4. Softly and lovingly say: “When you did x, it really hurt my feelings…”
5. STOP: Don’t say or do anything else!

Wait for the miraculous response…

2 thoughts on “How to have a fight-free marriage”

  1. Ya Allah, I have followed all except number 5. Forgive me oh Allah as I never had that instruction. All I want is to see your face, I wish my husband knew I love him for the sake of Allah and understood what that means. Your duaas are appreciated.

  2. I did not go through these five steps but, when I had moments of being unable to think, say, or do anything at the moment of crisis (caused by me or by my wife), I, secretly, resorted to what came to my tongue: “la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah al-Aliyy al-Azim.” Either I emerged with a new spirit and courage which somehow helped me to offer a solution for the problem, or my wife acted, more than she did before, thoughtful, forgiving, and/or self-criticizing, and very eager to solve whatever problem we had at the moment very positively. Then, finally, I kept saying Alhamdu lillah (secretly).

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