Why death is as well-ordered as life

Death is a discharge from the duties of life; it is a rest, a change of residence, a change of existence. Death is an invitation to an eternal life, a beginning, the introduction to an immortal life. Just as life comes into the world through an act of creation and Divine determining, so too departure from the world is through an act of creation and Divine determining, through a wise and purposeful act of directing.

Consider the death of plant life, the simplest level of life that exists. The death of a plant shows that it is a more orderly work of art than life. For although the death of fruits, seeds and grains appear to occur through decay and dissolution, their death is in fact a kind of kneading, which comprises an exceedingly well-ordered chemical reaction and the well-balanced combining of elements and wise formation of particles.

This unseen, orderly and wise death appears through the life of the new shoots. That is to say, the death of the seed is the start of life of the shoot; indeed, since it is like life itself, this death is as created and well-ordered as life. Furthermore, the death of the fruits of living beings and animals in the human stomach is the beginning of their rising to the level of human life; it may therefore be said “such a death is more orderly and created than their own life.”

And so if the death of plant life, the lowest level of life, is thus created, wise and ordered, so also must be the death that befalls human life, the most elevated level of life. And like a seed sown in the ground becomes a tree in the world of the air, so a man who is laid in the earth will surely produce the shoots of an everlasting life in the Intermediate Realm.

Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (r.a.)

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