How Wolves Change Rivers: Balance of Beauty & Glory of God

There is an amazing balance in the world that shows the beauty [jamāl] and glory [jalāl] of its Sustainer (Rabb). Even the things that appear to be harsh to us are actually filled with beauty and majesty. We only need to look at them within a deeper and broader perspective.

As an example, please see this short (4 min) video clip, How Wolves Change Rivers.

Once again, this clip reminds us that, as the Quran notes, the human is indeed extremely ignorant and prone to make hasty judgments about good and bad. With such misunderstandings, we can actually cause much imbalance and harm.

Wolves are not evil? This mean the situations & facts are not always as they seem to us or as we imagine them to be!!

Now, this is great news! It means that the things are much nicer and much more meaningful than we tend to take them.

Let us also welcome the “wolves” in our lives as divinely sent blessings! Let us open up to the challenges that are sent to make our lives flourish and rivers of mercy flow!

On this beautiful Friday, let us intend to ask for forgiveness for our misperceptions and actions with ignorance. Let us embrace being cleansed from misperceptions and being transformed with mercy (raḥma).

nastaghfirullah al-adheem, ar-raheem, al-kareem alladhi la ilaha illa hu, subhanah wa natubu ilayhwe ask for forgiveness from the One who is Great, Compassionate, Generous, the One other than whom there is no deity, and the Glorious One.

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