Unifying God (Tawhid)

Imagine it has been raining and, after the rain stops, you see thousands of drops of water on the grass in your garden. Now assume, just for the sake of argument, that the tiny images of the sun that you can see in those drops of water are not attributed to the sun, but to the drops themselves. In other words, if the images of the sun in those drops of water are not attributed to the sun, in order to account for the images that we are seeing, we have to accept that there is a real, miniature sun in every drop of water on the grass. Is this not an absurd idea? What is easier to accept: a single sun that reflects on those drops of water and makes its image visible in them? Or is it easier to believe that inside every raindrop there exists a miniature sun?!

Now think of billions of living creatures and the attributes that they reflect, such as life, power, knowledge, wisdom and so on. Assume, just for the sake of argument, that these attributes, each of which is like a ray from the Eternal Sun, is attributed not to God but to the living creatures themselves. If we do not attribute the perfections of created beings to One Source, we have to attribute them to the created beings themselves. And so each living thing would have to possess an unbounded power of creation, an all-encompassing knowledge, absolute will, and countless other attributes of perfection which are in fact found only in the Necessarily Existent Being, i.e. God. In fact, each atom would have to possess all of the attributes of perfection, and absolute divinity would have to be ascribed to each cause.

Isn’t this what the naturalists and materialists are saying? Unwilling to accept a Single God of Unity, do they really prefer instead to ascribe God’s attributes to the created beings themselves? What makes more sense: to attribute absolute power to One source or to attribute it to an infinite number of material causes? Which is easier: to accept One master or a countless number of masters? According to the materialist, every atom in creation is a mini-God, and yet they call the believers superstitious!!

— Dr. Colin Turner (Author of “Islam: The Basics”)

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