Beauty of Rejecting Shirk

For he who ascribes divinity to aught but God [i.e. commits shirk] is like one who is hurtling down from the skies – whereupon the birds carry him off, or the wind blows him away onto a far-off place.  (Q. 22:31)

la sharīka lahu= He has no partner. This Quranic phrase means that God does not have any partner neither in His sovereignty [uluhiyya] nor in His sustaining and governance [rububiyya]. Contrast Divine sovereignty with the so-called human sovereignty, so as to appreciate this point. A human ruler may have no partner with him on the throne, and may be the one and only sovereign of a country. Still, in the actual ruling of the kingdom, he will surely have partners that help him, such as governors, ministers, advisers, and other employees. These partners will not allow any ordinary citizen to enter into the sovereign’s presence and interact with him directly. Instead, they will demand that the petitioner speaks to them about his need.

In contrast, the Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal Sovereign, God, has no partner either in His sovereignty or in His governance and sustaining of creation. He is in need of no helper in any context, and nothing can happen or influence anything without His direct command and power. Hence, anything and anyone can directly turn to Him at any time. Since God has no partner or helper, no one can stop anyone from having direct recourse to God; anyone can speak to God at any time.

Thus, this phrase He has no partner, gives the following good news to the spirit of a believing human being:

You can go before the pre-eternal and post-eternal Sovereign at any moment and occasion without any obstacle, block or intermediary, at any time and place. You, the human spirit, can directly turn and offer your petition to the Beautiful One with Glory [Jamīl ẓul-jalāl] and the Powerful One with Perfection [Qadīr ẓul-kamāl], who owns all the treasures of mercy and happiness. Discovering His mercy and relying on His power, you will find incredible relief and happiness…

[Excerpted from Said Nursi, Letters, 20th Letter]

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