Serve others. You need it.

It is a true blessing to be surrounded with people of all faiths who come together to share their love of God embodied in helping others.

We help others not because of our egos, or to feel good about ourselves. But, we serve others to glorify God who allows us to love our neighbors, as we love ourselves. All of humanity are neighbors, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that the person who fills his stomach while his neighbor is hungry has not tasted the reality of faith in God.

God makes his infinite love known to us by using us as instruments of His love, of His compassion…

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also mentioned that finding God in this world is not necessarily in the mosque or the church, but he says that:

“God says: I asked you for food and you did not feed Me.

He (His servant) will say: Lord, how could I feed You when You did not ask me for food and You are the Lord of the universe?

God will say: Do you not know that My servant so-and-so asked you for food and you did not feed him?

Do you not know that if you had fed him, you would have found Me there?”

So, if we want to come to know God experientially and love Him and get close to Him, what we need to do is to serve humanity… Then, we can find God in our hearts.

God, we ask you to make us an instrument of your love, to recognize that it is when we give, that we receive…




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