Diversity in Creation: A Sign (ayah)

“And it is God who has created all animals out of water; and [He has willed that] among them are such as crawl on their bellies, and such as walk on two legs, and such as walk on four. God creates what He will. God has the power to will anything.” Quran, 24:45

We see an astonishing regularity and order in the universe. This shows that there is an infinitely Wise, Knowing and Powerful Creator.


We also see incredible diversity and variety in the universe. There are innumerable types of species. Moreover, within each species there is diversity: no two leaves are identical, each person is unique, and there is always an unpredictable aspect to events. This shows that the Creator is an agent with infinite free choice and will. God’s will is under no restriction whatsoever.

And, this is good news! If our Sustainer (Rabb) can will anything, then we can turn to our Rabb for healing and support in every situation!


~Quran translation adapted from M. Asad.

~Explanation adapted from Said Nursi, Flashes & Words.


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