Tawhid Reveals Divine Beauty & Perfection

Belief in one God, tawhid, is like a focal point that combines various reflections of beautiful names of God [asma al usna] that shine on the ‘faces’ of particular creatures…Through the light of tawhid the limitless beauty and perfection of God, the endless splendor of the Sustainer, the incredible gifts of the Merciful, and the infinite beauty of the Unique One [kamal al-jamal al-samadaniyya] on whom everyone depends, becomes visible.
For instance, let us look at the particular event of creation of milk. A helpless and unaware infant receives what he needs in the form of pure and wholesome milk. And this milk is sent from an unexpected place*, amidst blood and excrement.** When you look at this particular event from the perspective of tawhid, it will suddenly connect with a comprehensive and universal reality: the utterly wonderful and compassionate feeding of all infants and all the mothers being made to care about and serve these infants. Perceiving this universal context enables you to perceive the eternal beauty of the mercy of the Compassionate One [Rahman] with all its brightness.
If you were to look at the same event without the perspective of tawhid, that incredible beauty would become hidden. And, that particular event would be explained away by invoking natural causes and chance. [In other words, they will be attributed to unconscious things, such as hormones and the brain cells. And since they are incapable of having mercy and purpose, one will disregard the incredible mercy and purposefulness manifested in each case.] The event will thus completely lose its value. In fact, its reality will be completely distorted…~

* Referring to the Quranic phrase that announces that God shall “provide from an unexpected source,”   (Quran, 65:3).
**In other words, the milk is produced in the body such a way that nutrients are distilled from blood and also disassociated from excrement material to be discarded. The text is again indirectly referring to a Quranic verse: And, behold, in the cattle [too] there is indeed a lesson for you: We give you to drink of that [fluid] which is [secreted from] within their bellies between that which is to be eliminated [from the animal’s body] and [its] life-blood: milk pure and pleasant to those who drink it. (Q. 16:66)

~ Excerpted & adapted from Said Nursi, Rays.

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