Understanding the Beauty in Organization

God has organized the world in such a fashion that everything has its place and every aspect of life is valued. Said Nursi describes this:

“Consider a microscopic organism so small that it is invisible to the naked eye. This organism is like an extremely delicate and wondrous machine. Necessarily and self-evidently, this machine, which is contingent in both its essence and attributes, did not come into existence by itself, without a cause. Before it comes into being, the tiny machine is in a state of hesitation, between existence and non-existence; if existence preponderates, the machine comes into existence; if not, then it remains in non-existence. Thus, as all reasonable people agree, there has to be a cause to make that choice, and it is impossible that this should be a so-called natural cause. For the exquisite order and harmony evident in that tiny the machine necessitate infinite knowledge and perfect intelligence, and it is impossible to conceive of these in material causes, about which the naturalists deceive themselves. Material causes are simple and lifeless, unable to specify their own trajectories or restrict their own movement, hesitant as they are between thousands of possibilities. So how could a material cause follow a specific trajectory and travel a defined path, and how could it choose certain aspects from among countless possibilities in order to produce a marvelous, well-ordered machine, the subtlety and wisdom of which leave minds in astonishment? The only way that material causes could create would be if every single particle in existence possessed the intelligence of Plato, and were able to communicate with each other intelligently. And that is nothing more than sophistry, which would put even the sophists to shame.”


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