Ramadan Inspirations 02

Love is an inescapable part of being human, but whether it leads to salvation or perdition, however, depends on the direction in which it is oriented and the object upon which it is focused. The only real Beloved is God, and therefore the love which we feel towards that which is other than God must, if its true Source is acknowledged sincerely, be directed towards Him. The key is reorientation: to learn to love others not for their own sake but for the sake of God. The key is to see others as mirrors reflecting the attributes of the true Beloved and to love them on account of that which is manifest in them. The key, in short, is not to ‘see double’. In loving one’s self or one’s spouse, one’s child or one’s friend, one is loving nothing but the attributes of God which one finds manifest in those entities who are ‘other than God’ in form yet nothing but God in meaning.

–Dr. Colin Turner (author of Islam the Basics)

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