Ramadan Inspirations 06

While God allows evil, He is not ‘pleased’ with it. In this sense He is like a baker who wants people to taste hunger but not to remain hungry, for if they did, they would not want his bread. God wants us to taste hardship and misfortune, to taste earthly life and death, not because He wants those things for their own sake, but because He knows that if we do not suffer the limitation of mortality, we will never realise that we are immortal. We are like fish in water. The only way a fish can realise it is in water is if the fisherman catches it. It wriggles around on the hook, struggling to breathe, tasting the hardship and misfortune of life out of water, until it is thrown back again. Being ‘taken out of the water’ is painful, but it is the only way of realising where we come from.

–Dr. Colin Turner (author of Islam the Basics)

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