Ramadan Inspirations 13

One day, all of the contradictions that gave you anxiety will be resolved, and the lion will lie down with the lamb. One day, all of the failures that gave you sadness will show their wisdom and make you smile. One day, all of the tears that you shed in weakness will be exchanged for the pool of Kawthar, there to quench your thirst forever. One day, all of the fears you felt, and all of the struggles, will seem to you as small and inconsequential as a grain of sand in a boundless desert. One day, all of the conundrums and puzzles of life will be opened to you, and you will smile in amazement. One day, all of the loved ones who left you, seemingly never to return, will come to you and take your hand as you pass through the curtain to a world you only ever dreamed of, but always hoped to see. One day, you will laugh and look back and think, ‘Is that what we were, and now we are this? How could we have set our sights on that bitter earth when we were created for all eternity…”

–Dr. Colin Turner (author of Islam the Basics)

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