Disbelief and Satan’s Whisperings

By Dr. Eren Tatari[1]

Satan has no power over us, and this means that he does not have any real evidence to convince us that God does not exist. He just whispers an idea that does not have any substantial reason. For instance, no one can really prove that there is no God since everything points to God’s existence. Everything in a building says that there is a builder. Everything is in place by the interference of an intelligent being and cannot be by chance. Doubt, imagination, insecurity, or fear is not evidence to follow Satan. These feelings are in fact given to us to urge us to investigate God. In the absence of these feelings, we would have no impulse to search for the truth. Belief in the existence of God starts with doubt and the resulting search for a satisfactory answer. If we did not have imagination, we could never believe in the Unseen or dream of Heaven and Hell.

Kafir (a person who denies God by covering up the truth) exists, but kufr (denial of the truth) does not have an external existence. It is only the absence of something (not reflecting God’s Attributes from our mirror). The absence of one is zero, and zero does not have a reality/existence. It is only the absence of something. We must not believe in dogmas, because only disbelief is dogma (since it cannot bring any evidence). If I say I am a Muslim and I believe in the existence of the hereafter, these are dogmas only if I do not bring any evidence. With the evidence of the universe, it is clear that there is a Creator. Thus, we must not present our belief in form of dogma. Instead we must see that everything is planned. If there was any single cell or atom in the universe that did not have a conscious/intelligent Creator, then disbelief in the Orderer of the universe/God would be justified.

God is the Most-Merciful and does not leave us without guidance to figure out what is going on. He brings evidence and guidelines for us.  The verse, “We have not sent you (O Muhammad) but as an unequalled mercy for all the worlds” (Qur’an, 21:107) means that you personally were sent to be a messenger/guide/teacher, and this is in itself a mercy. Creation is already evidence, but as a bonus, the messengers are sent. In a way this saying also tells the Prophet: “Your mission must be in the form of mercy; be compassionate.” We may not be ready to submit to the truth, but we can at least admit that there must be an Orderer, a Creator, even if we may not be ready to submit to it.


[1] Dr. Eren Tatari is the author of Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern Age  (Tughra Publications, December 2012).  She is an Assistant Professor at Rollins College, FL focusing on Islam and Muslims in the West..